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Admissions Consultancy

Saving you time, worry & money to get your child into a best-fit school.

Hong Kong

Searching for a best-fit school doesn’t need to be stressful!

Top Schools is for you if you are a parent  wanting the best education for your children, yet find the process of searching for information confusing, frustrating and stressful.

Where schools own websites often lack consistency and transparency, we make it easy to search, compare and share accurate, up-to-date information on schools and save a lot of time and worry.

Top Schools is unique in that we provide extensive, solid factual information to balance our opinions and those of our members.

Our school profiles are based on our research, visits to the schools and parent, teacher and student interviews. Many school profiles are verified by the schools directly and they have the authority to edit and update all content, except the initial description which remains impartial and is written by Top Schools staff.  

The Top Schools Difference

Our services are entirely personalised fully flexible to accommodate each client’s unique requirements

We have verifiable, in-depth knowledge of the Hong Kong education system (local and international); we make recommendations based on fact, not hearsay or personal opinion!

We maintain good relationships with schools, parents and other stakeholders and regarded as influencers in the industry

We are focused, and small enough to deliver a personal service

We have a 100% success rate for school placements

We are completely independent education experts

Our small team collectively boasts 70 years’ of Hong Kong-specific education experience.

We work with parents and clients to develop a strategic, realistic and flexible approach to choosing a school and having that school choose your child!

Our consultants speak English, Cantonese, Putonghua

Meet Jane

Jane - and many parents like her - go it alone in terms of applying to schools in Hong Kong. Hopefully it works out. Unfortunately, it often doesn't go smoothly. If you prefer to save time, money and worry, be like Jane and consider engaging an expert from Top Schools

What We Do

We guide parents through a confusing array of opinions, providing honest, unbiased advice on the probability of acceptance for immediate arrival and the following years. Planning viable alternative options, including an interim placement, local school or a school providing additional support for ESL, or other individual learning needs is at the core of what we do.


We understand that the “perfect school” doesn’t exist, so we look to match family and school, based on their priorities. If a compromise is necessary, we advise on where, when and how this should happen with the family’s best interests and mid, or even, long-term goals in mind.


We get to know each of our families well and understand their preferences as well as their child’s academic, emotional and social needs. From there, we manage expectations throughout the process with one dedicated consultant. We can modify a plan at any stage to suit changing preferences and expectations


Our senior consultants are all parents too and we’ve been through the process. Between us, we have – or had – our own children in seven of Hong Kong’s top schools.

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