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Discover how to manage your waiting list spot to be successful ...
without buying debentures!

NEW: Application Success Masterclass with Ruth Benny


Presented by Ruth Benny,
Founder & Head Girl of Top Schools.

Learn directly from Ruth (often referred to as the 'Guru on Hong Kong Schools'). You will learn exactly how to submit strong applications at the right time and in the right way to improve your chances of success. 

learn how to achieve success without needing to spend on unnecessary APPLICATIONS, debentures & deposits

We have extremely limited spots for this first round. If you are interested, please register. However, this does not guarantee your spot. After registering your interest, you will receive a call from us to qualify your interest.

Typing on the Computer

In this workshop, we will cover

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This FIRST run is FREE OF CHARGE to selected, qualified applicants

If you're frustrated with how schools communicate with prospective parents, you're not alone

Calling the general admissions phone number published on websites is unlikely to get you very far. 

"Just apply" is what the majority of parents are told, without any insight as to whether their application might be successful

When a school suggests an expensive debenture might be the only way to generate a place for your child, many parents (and companies) accept this at face value.​

For many parents, the process of figuring out which schools to apply to, how to submit applications and schedule assessments is far too confusing and complicated. This means it's easy to become overwhelmed. 🤯

To add fuel to the fire, schools are constantly changing their policies and procedures and all different from one another. Many parents feel victim to a system that preys on their anxieties.

We can help you to DECREASE THE NOISE, focus on what's important and streamline your process to achieve SUCCESS.


Confident Woman


It was pleasure attending your seminar. I was amazed at your knowledge - depth and breadth - about schools. It almost felt like the phrase ‘oh I know this like the back of my hand!'

Done Deal


Just want to say a big thank you for this morning! It was really useful & informative! I can see why you've been so highly recommended.

Confident Businesswoman


I would like to say thank you first for the seminar.  As I hoped, it helps me to be less anxious but also encourage me to explore more.

Live sessions are held via Zoom Meeting. Recordings are always made available right away for future replay and/or in case you’re unable to attend live.

After you have completed your background "homework", we come together LIVE as a group. This time is an interactive learning environment where Ruth will guide you as you apply the concepts to your own situation. You are encouraged to bring your questions to the Live Group Coaching sessions and time will be reserved for these.

Each Live Group Coaching session lasts around 1 - 1.5 hours. Our goal is to ensure you have your plan worked out and you feel 100% confident to execute your plan. You’ll also have the opportunity to get support on a 1:1 basis after the workshop if you wish.


Got questions? Let us know!


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Top Schools Ltd cannot, and does not, make any guarantees about your ability to get results from our ideas, information, tools or strategies. All content presented is for educational and informational purposes only. No product, service, training, or free information offered  is a promise of success. 

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