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Why work with us

We have worked hard to build rapport and cultivate trust within our circle of influence - Hong Kong parents and educators.


When we promote a school or an event, our community responds - sometimes through immediate action, but also through positive brand association.


If you are a top school, or aspiring to be a top school, you need to be working with Top Schools!

We are the only independent, local education experts with a strong online and social media presence.


Our Audience

We reach a highly
niche audience, comprised of:

Affluent parents of babies, pre- schoolers, primary and secondary students committed to providing the best education they can for their children.

Local Chinese parents, non-Chinese parents and everything in between.

We have a targeted, engaged mailing list of over 20,000


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"Top Schools are well versed on the education landscape in Hong Kong, which is often a very overwhelming and daunting area for parents who have school age children. There is a lot of mis-information out there and Ruth and Pam help parents sort through factual information regarding kindergartens, primary and secondary schools."

—  Dave McMaster,

Former Head of School,

Canadian International School 

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