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School Break

In-School Support

Hong Kong

For parents with children enrolled in a school. Is your child not getting enough support or are you finding it difficult to get heard and issues resolved?


Get independent advice and assistance with speaking to your child's school. 

    assist you, as parents, to understand your rights as a fee paying customer

    support you with independent support to speak up in your school

    get you the access to services you/your child are entitled to

    support you to challenge a decision you are not happy with

If you're not satisfied with some aspect of your child's schooling, we  can help.


    Is your child getting the support s/he needs ?

    Has your child been asked to leave their school?

    Is your child being bullied/excluded/treated unfairly?

    Are you paying too much in additional fees?


We will spend time to understand your situation, review your child's school reports/other reports and suggest how we can help to liaise with your school to get the support/answers/refunds you are entitled to.

We are perfectly positioned and well connected to be able to:    

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 Just Ask!!       

If you're not sure whether we can help or not, just ask. Get in touch today!


Following a complimentary telephone consultation, we will mutually decide whether it is worth us reviewing your case further. The cost to complete an Initial


To initiate an Initial Case Review we ask that you forward us all the documentation regarding your child. We will review the documentation and comment on:


the documentation

the 'story so far'

the context ie provision in your school compared with others

what you need to do to hopefully achieve your desired outcome

what type of experts you may need to instruct, if any

your chances of achieving your objective 

key dates 

any further costs that may be incurred

next steps/actions

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Raising Hands

Mr & Mrs B  reached out  with concerns about one of their three children in a top school in HK.


Their son was receiving Occupational Therapy at extra cost, based on a PscyhEd report done 2.5 years ago. Yet he did not have an Individualised Education Plan, the parents had never met or talked to the SEN Co-Ordinator . His teachers were in no way accommodating his learning needs and the whole family were very stressed and unhappy ... to the point that they were considering other schools.


Our Senior Consultant spent 1.5 hours with Mr & Mrs B to understand the situation fully. With the parents' permission, she contacted the exact person responsible in their child's school to explain the situation in writing and meanwhile facilitated visits to other schools to allow the family to have a frame of reference and understand their options.


We outlined the timeline of events from parents perspective and then their concerns and expectations going forward.


School called parents on the same day and scheduled meeting for that afternoon.


Parents had a face to face meeting with the school who committed to have an IEP in place immediately after CNY and a further meeting to go over it.


Thank you so much for all of your support here. 

This is such a weight off my shoulders.


I went in and had a meeting with the Head of Additional Support and the Head of Lower School today.  They are setting up a meeting after CNY to get an IEP in place and a whole team to tackle this.  Great steps in the right direction!

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Case Study

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