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Dear Parent

If you’re like most HK parents, you’re probably thinking it’s easy to do your own school applications; all the information is available on schools’ websites. 

That’s definitely possible and, if you are a spreadsheet geek, you might even enjoy it! I’ve seen some super impressive spreadsheets in my time.


But there’s one big, obvious problem…

You are very probably making mistakes. You may need to spend more hours on the phone with schools to clarify the info on their website and you’ll get different answers on different days, depending on who you speak to.  

And, worse, you may not know the information is faulty and so you are making real, important decisions based on it which may cost you enormous amounts of money down the road. 

You can't start all over again. You only have one chance to get this right and meet all the deadlines.

Instead of continuing to struggle and run the risk of making dangerous mistakes, work with me! 


Your Coach

Hello there, I'm Ruth

School Admissions Expert

I founded Top Schools in 2012 and have helped hundreds of parents to get their children into their best fit schools.

Successful School Admissions Coaching is the first and only program of its kind from the leading expert in international schools in Hong Kong.

I'm sharing the exact same process we use with our 1:1 consulting clients so more parents can benefit from my 'Finding the Fit Formula'.

​If you're looking to make this as simple as possible with expert support ... you are in the right place! 

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We've Been Trusted For Over Ten Years

What our clients say about us:

White Sheet


"Offers from all the schools we applied for"

White Sheet


"Professional, pragmatic and positive"

White Sheet


"Very knowledgeable - good relationships with the admissions departments"

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