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Analysis of parents’ and child’s needs; questionnaire + meeting

Discussion of relative merits, curriculum, culture and application processes of each school

Detailed profile report of good fit schools

Application guide including strategy, key dates and procedure

Planning & Search



Schedule school visits


Accompany on school visits and/or assessments


Refer to trusted partners for exam/interview preparation, playgroups, extracurricular activities, leisure activities, clubs, language enhancement opportunities, as well as nannies, visa services, movers and home search.


Advise on debentures

Prepare student profile with all necessary documents


Tuition/ Test Preparation

Application, Assessment, Decision

Advise on applications to submit; when and how

Complete and submit applications to schools and follow up


Conduct audit of actual availability of places in shortlisted schools


Revision and editing of paragraph answers on applications 


Communicate with schools on family’s behalf

Schedule assessments at schools

Ongoing support until offer is received

Advice on choosing between multiple offers

Ongoing support to settle in, find uniforms and prepare for the start of the school year.

Detailed profle report of good ft schools

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