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26 years in Hong Kong

Sam Carington

Resident of Hong Kong for 26 years and mother of 2

Classrooms Without Walls

Nick Cotton

Nick is the Executive Director of Outward Bound

Bilingualism: Struggles and Solutions

Jessica Ye Trainor & Susan Ward

Jessica is an educator based in Hong Kong, committed to education and innovation. She established Mulberry House Academy after searching for the perfect preschool for her child.

Susan is from Australia and has been living and working in Hong Kong for 15+ years now. She holds a postgraduate qualification in leadership and management, with 15+ years of experience working as manager and coordinator for international kindergartens.

In Conversation with Bloom KKCA Academy

Renée Boey

Founder & Head of School
Bloom KKCA Academy

Character Building in Children

Howard Tucket

Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong

Readiness, Applications and Parent Anxiety

Joanna Hotung

Joanna founded the KG Group in 1996 - inspired by her own children and a desire to see them express themselves through the arts and language. She has an MBA from Warwick University and a BA from London University.

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