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Readiness, Applications and Parent Anxiety

-Hong Kong is a unique place of craziness. You get a fusion of cultures, mental pressures and anxiety. You try to get the most out of each culture and give the most to your kids.
Joanna's daughter went to six interviews before settling on the Canadian International School. They choose this school because of the sports teams, Chinese programs and the amazing support by the school.
-There’s no guarantee that a child will do well on the interview or assessment. On the interview day, they might not perform as expected. All we can do is try our best and give them every opportunity to do well.
-International schools are looking for students who can go beyond what they were trained to say. The child will not be accepted if s/he answers all the questions robotically.
-The way your child will perform on the day of the assessment is not directly related to the training, but rather their life experiences and their day-to-day activities.
-Don't make shyness an excuse. Make "saying Hello" a habit.
-Set aside some time for your child and you to talk as often as possible.

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