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3 top tips for completing a successful application form

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Every school has an application form. Almost always, it's online nowadays.

Think it’s a simple form? Think again! It’s worth thinking very carefully before diving in to complete even the most seemingly simple of application forms .

And, then there are the application forms (and questionnaires and surveys and supporting documents) that are far from simple. Those can take weeks or months. That’s why you often get two years to do it!!

It would be such a shame to fall at the first hurdle – the application form.

Think of the application form as you think of a CV or a resumé – the objective of both is to get you through to the next round … the interview.

Apart from the obvious – ensuring it is accurate, complete, grammatical, neat and on time, we suggest 3 top tips:

#1: Prepare a few paragraphs in answer to the question: ‘Do you have any other information or comments about this applicant which may be helpful?’

Include info about your child’s learning style, achievements, interests, etc

Some forms may have a section, or a choice of a few sections, where you can insert some – or all – of this information.

#2: Choose a photo that shows your family’s character

Some schools will ask for a family photo. Never, ever use a studio shot!! Choose one showing your family doing something cultural, fun or meaningful. It should be recent – within the last 6 months, in focus and of the file size specified.

#3:  Write a cover letter

It’s not usually asked for, or needed but why not? Describe what you observed when you visited (you DID visit, didn’t you?!), how you connect with the school’s philosophy and how you feel your child would be a good fit. But, of course, be honest.

You can attach it as an additional page to one of your supporting documents.

If you need support to complete forms, we are here to help.

When we submit a form on your behalf, we have oversight of the whole process - we follow up with the school diligently to ensure it is all received and complete and proper.

We are in constant contact with the school regarding our clients' applications and 'top of mind' is a key strategy. It's amazing how many times an offer arrives within hours of a call!

Email us at or WhatsApp +852 9660 1584.

With these three top tips, it’s possible to make an apparently ordinary application stand out…at least a bit. And, then the rest is up to you and your child at the interview stage.


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