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Admission Arrangements for K1 Places in Kindergartens for 2015/16

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

On 30 April, the Education Bureau announced significant changes to kindergarten applicants for entry in 2015/16.

Who does this apply to?

This applies to all children eligible to start K1 in September 2015; that is all children born in 2012.

What are the changes?

This ‘One child Not More than One Place’ policy (catchy, isn’t it?!) is a response to the crazy competition for places that’s been going on the past few years, aggravated by children born to Mainlanders and particularly prevalent in the North Districts.

It’s a centralised timeline where one applicant may apply to only one kindergarten during a fixed period of time.

Which kindergartens do the changes apply to?

The changes apply only to non-profit making kindergartens that accept the Pre-Primary Education Voucher. These all run the local curriculum.

What is the Pre-Primary Education Voucher? Is my child eligible?

It’s a subsidy from the HKSAR Government for eligible children to receive up to 80% off the tuition fees.


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