Advanced School Research for Smart Parents

We often do say that choosing a school is an emotional decision. Within reason. Yet, before we get into lengthy debates on the choice of curriculum, it's important that the schools on our short list are robust and are not about to go bust!

This is especially important nowadays where new private schools are opening all the time.

So, before you entrust your little ones to apparently trustworthy and qualified educators, do some digging.

What Is Due Diligence?

In the financial world, due diligence involves a comprehensive examination of a company before making a decision - usually a financial one. Many parents pore over annual reports to decide which stocks, shares and funds to invest in, yet - surprisingly - do not spend a lot of time researching the organisation that operates a school they are considering for their child.

Lots of information is readily available and some requires a little more time/expense.

To embark on a canny school investigation (CSI), consider the following areas:


Check that the school is licensed - and for the correct age of children. Then, check the licence covers each of the premises on which the school operates, with individuals' names and company names on invoices matching the licence holder. If no match, find out why.

Check that the number of children in a classroom does not exceed the permitted number.


Run company searches to understand the entity that is licensed and their personnel. Seek to understand the relationship of the licensee to a company name on an invoice or the register