Boarding in Hong Kong: A Home From Home at Harrow

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

#SponsoredPost The only international school in Hong Kong to offer both day and boarding school options, Harrow Hong Kong opened its doors for the first time in September 2012. Since then, the school has gone on to nurture thousands of eager minds, with nearly 50% of pupils in Year 6 and above choosing to make the magnificent Tuen Mun campus their home from Sunday evening through to Friday each week.

It’s a unique set up, through which pupils (and their families) enjoy the best of both worlds: children have stability in the boarding environment, away from the often chaotic nature of Hong Kong life, while parents can concentrate on work during the week, freeing up quality time for the family at weekends.

Structure and Routine

One of the biggest benefits of boarding is that it maximises the children’s time by giving them a good night’s sleep and removing the daily commute. At Harrow, boarders wake up at 6.45am, giving them ample time to get dressed and have breakfast before call-over at 8am. Lessons begin at 8.15am and run until 4.30pm, with snack and lunch breaks in between. In the evening, there’s plenty of time for study, meaning most homework gets completed during the week, as well as additional, enriching activities and, of course, dinner! Pupils also get free time to relax, chat with friends and call family back home. Bedtimes are staggered according to age.

A Supportive Environment

Ask the pupils what their favourite thing about boarding is, and the resounding answer is the close bonds they are able to form with others.

“My favourite thing at Harrow would be the ability to connect with my friends,” says Year 10 pupil