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EDB Kindergarten Profiles: How to interpret key information

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

All registered kindergartens are listed on the Education Bureau’s website at

A) Eligibility for the Pre Primary Voucher is indicated here. If ‘Yes’, you may get 80% subsidy on the quoted fee. See for details.

B) Nursery = K1 (3 years old); Lower KG = K2 (4 years old) and Upper KG = K3 (5 years old).

C) If ‘Yes’, the school provides PN class = 2 years old.

In choosing a kindergarten, we suggest this may be a good place to start a search. However, consider:

  1. a few reputable “kindergartens” are not fully registered and are not listed here

  2. whether a kindergarten has an affiliated primary school

  3. the details of the language and academic program

These profiles provide very basic information. For personalised support to compile a shortlist of good-fit schools, please get in touch – our expert consultants can guide you.

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