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Eight "MUSTS" for choosing an admissions consultant

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Since we were established in 2012, a number of other companies (including some of our former colleagues!) have set up as admissions consultants.

We have nothing against a bit of healthy competition but we hate to see parents scammed by new, inexperienced and plain BAD consultants. As we always say, you only get one chance to get this right.

So, we offer you a few tips when shopping around for an expert (in no particular order).


First and foremost, you want to ensure your potential admissions consultant is an expert in the field of international education in the location you are considering. They know - in depth - the schools' curricula, cost, pros and cons and admissions procedures. They provide valuable insight and guidance about which schools fit your preferences and your child's personality, proficiency and pathway. A quick conversation gives you confidence that the consultant is a true expert and not simply expert at Googling!

Not essential, but we think it helps that the consultant is also (or recently was) a parent of a child in one of the top international schools.


If you're at the stage of considering engaging an admissions consultant, you're presumably looking for a personalised approach, rather than a DIY approach. You want to feel that your potential consultant really takes the time to listen and understand your individual needs, preferences, and goals, and then uses this information to create a bespoke long list of schools that are the best fit for your child.


Check that your admissions consultants can give you a competitive advantage in the admissions process. Ask how they can help you work with the application procedures, submit a strong application, and prepare for assessments and interviews.


Your admissions consultant should be well connected in the industry. They should be able to access information you could not have accessed yourself and be able to easily get answers to questions you would struggle to get. You can ask around how well known the consultant is - ask parents and ask the schools too. You want to be confident they are well known and respected.


Choosing a school can be a time-consuming, expensive process. Check how your admissions consultant can help streamline the process significantly. Check that you will apply to fewer schools and do so in the "right" order and avoid forfeiting deposits. You need not apply to more than 3 schools in our opinion.


Look for an admissions consultant with experience in placing students in top private the exact schools you're interested in. Ask how long the company has been in business and check. Ensure the individual consultant you've been assigned is experienced too.


Check their credentials and qualifications to make sure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to assist you with the admissions process. Ask how long the company has been established (or check yourself) and how many students they have placed in which schools.


Look for an admissions consultant with a good - no ... excellent - reputation. Ask for references to see what other parents have to say about their experiences working with them. Check their Google/Facebook reviews.


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