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Malaysia: Even More Choice - New International Schools Opening 2018

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

There are well over 40 international schools in and around Kuala Lumpur, with more opening every year. Here are three new international schools opening in 2018, offering three different curricula: Australian, American and British.


Opening January 2018:

Peninsula International School

Age Range: Primary, Secondary (No Early-Years)

Curriculum: Australian Victorian Curriculum

Location: Setia Alam

Annual Fees: 'Founding fees' are being offered to students who join the school in its opening year. At present, these are 26,000RM for a Year 1 student; 45,800RM for a Year 7 student & 52,400RM for a Year 12 student.


Opening September 2018:

Oasis International School

Oasis International School

Age Range: Elementary, Middle & High School

Curriculum: American

Location: Bandar Rimbayu, Selangor

Annual Fees: Fees are listed as follows: 38,000RM for Elementary, 48,000RM for Middle School & 58,000RM for High School.

King Henry VIII School

Age Range: 3-18, Boarding facilities

Curriculum: British

Location: Cyberjaya

Annual Fees: 'Early bird' registrations for the 2018-2019 will enjoy 10% off school fees. School fees are listed as: 15,000RM for a Year 1 student; 65,000RM for a Year 7 student; 80,000RM for a Year 12 student.


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