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Experiencing the joy of learning at Hong Kong Academy

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

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At HKA, we believe that learning should be fun. Students of all ages at HKA experience the joy of learning as they stretch themselves and apply their knowledge in ways that are meaningful and relevant. HKA teachers help students open the doors of their own creativity as they hone their problem-solving skills. As engaged, active inquirers, HKA students fully embrace learning in all its forms. Starting with two year olds enrolled in our Playgroup through to students in Grade 12, an HKA education focuses on the excitement of a life of learning.

In HKA’s Secondary School, our hkaFlow programme takes this rigour to the next level. HKA students have the opportunity to dive into their personal interests with interdisciplinary, multi-sensory projects that challenge them to be independent self-managers who know how to succeed. Engrossed in projects of their choosing, students gain core knowledge and, equally importantly, develop self-confidence and discipline through planning, organising and reflecting on their experiences.


Cutting-edge brain research makes clear that movement is essential to cementing the learning that takes place in the classroom. Physical education, recess and break time are vital, as are continued opportunities for learning after the school day ends. HKA’s extensive After School Activities programme includes sports, arts and language courses geared for Primary School students. In the Secondary School, over 80% of students participate in competitive team play in local and regional leagues. Students take part in a wide range of artistic pursuits as well, including workshops offered through the ISTA Academy Hong Kong, launched at HKA in 2018.

Individualised and Inclusive

We believe in the value of the individual. With our small class sizes and low student:teacher ratios, our faculty know students as unique people and empower them to pursue their pathways to individual excellence. 

HKA’s commitment to inclusion is further evident in our commitment to students who need extra support and those who benefit from enhanced learning opportunities. Current research indicates that approximately 10-15% of students are likely to require some sort of learning support. In keeping with that data, HKA seeks to enrol a student body where 15% of our students take part in our Learner Support programme.


To be meaningful, learning must have purpose and relevance. Through knowledge of and service to the world around them, learners develop an evolving understanding of our changing world and make their own commitments to responsible action. Service learning is embedded into the HKA curriculum in both the Primary and Secondary Schools, with students of every age identifying opportunities for local and global service.

At HKA, we see leadership as an important form of service, and faculty members actively support students as they develop their leadership potential, find their voices, participate in decision-making, and understand their rights and responsibilities at HKA and beyond the classroom. As part of the school’s collective commitment to educational leadership, HKA strives to be an environmentally responsible member of the broader community. HKA’s sustainable practice is visible throughout the school, most notably in our curriculum, monitoring on campus, building materials and procurement processes. Whether in the garden, participating in a local clean up effort or recycling and composting, students from Pre-K through Grade 12 contribute to the school’s sustainability and experience our campus as an authentic learning lab.


HKA’s dynamic learning community includes teachers and parents, too. Weekly on-campus professional development opportunities allow for faculty to expand their knowledge, hone their skills and collaborate with their peers. Many parents take part as well, attending workshops on campus ≈facilitated by HKA faculty and guest speakers. Parents are also integral to the school as volunteers, contributing more than 11,000 hours of their time in 2017-18 to support the school in various ways, whether in the classroom, the library, the theatre, or on the court with our athletes. HKA is committed to the learning of others as well, and invites the public to hear from international renowned experts through our Community Showcase series.


HKA’s 600+ students, from ages 3 to 18, all learn on one campus. Located in the seaside town of Sai Kung, HKA is easily accessible either by school bus or public transport. The school’s 23,700 metre square building has earned a provisional BEAM+ platinum rating for its environmentally sustainable design and features. Outdoor features such as our landscaped courtyard and organic gardens echo Sai Kung’s greenery, and the two Primary School Playscapes, a sports pitch, a multi-use court provide ample space for outdoor learning.

The building’s floor to ceiling windows bring views of the natural environment inside and provide abundant natural light for our classrooms. Specialised areas support sports, arts and the sciences. The school’s gymnasium seats over 600, and HKA frequently hosts local and regional tournaments, conferences, performances and other events. Our indoor climbing wall, one of the tallest in Hong Kong, supports students’ physical education and contributes to the development of leadership skills. HKA’s facility also fully supports the performing arts with a 358 seat theatre, a black box Studio Theatre, and music, dance and rehearsal rooms. Our visual arts and design technology spaces include indoor and outdoor studio areas, a kiln, 3D printer and other resources.

To learn more about HKA and to schedule a tour, contact our admissions team at 2655 1111 or email Please visit our website,, for additional information. We encourage you to join us and see what learning can be!


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