From Hong Kong to the UK

Updated: May 13

#SponsoredPost St Lawrence College, Ramsgate, Kent.

Mr Barney Durrant, head of St Lawrence College knows precisely what it is like to move from Hong Kong to the UK as he and his family made the

move just over two years ago.

Before moving to St Lawrence College, Mr Durrant spent seven happy years working at the equally renowned Harrow International School in Hong Kong. As a result, he still has strong roots in this region, and it is a place held very fondly in his heart. His recent transition experience means he is well equipped to assist

children moving from Hong Kong. Helping boarding pupils settle in as quickly as possible and giving them a ‘home-away-from-home’ is something both he and the school are very passionate about.

Before children arrive at the College, the school shares as much information as possible with families and seeks to answer any and all questions that families have. Interviews and talks over Zoom with the Admissions team, Houseparents, Head of Boarding and Mr Durrant are all encouraged. Boarders already at the school are introduced to new pupils through video, so they have no anxiety about who they will be living with.