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Hong Kong's Top Kindergartens

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

What are the top kindergartens in Hong Kong? What are the best kindergartens in Hong Kong?

These are impossible questions to answer. Do you prefer local or international? Montessori, Waldorf, EYFS or IBPYP? It really pays to do your research and start in a kindergarten that feeds into your preferred primary school(s).

To be honest, if you can find a list of the ' best kindergartens in Hong Kong' , this will surely be bogus and simply listing those schools that have paid to be listed, or an otherwise random list.

Arguably, the most reputable group of international schools is English Schools Foundation (ESF) and they operate five kindergartens:

ESF Kindergartens

ESF operates its five kindergartens under its affiliated company, ESF Educational Services Limited. Students at these kindergartens are guaranteed a place at primary (unless they are unable to access a mainstream curriculum).

All five kindergartens are IB World Schools authorised by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IB) to offer the Primary Years Programme. IB World Schools share a common philosophy — a commitment to high-quality, challenging, international education. The learning environment is rich and engaging and children are encouraged to learn through inquiry and hands-on experiences.

All kindergartens cater for K1 and K2 children aged 3 to 5 years with half day sessions.

The kindergartens are :

So, why choose an ESF kindergarten?

Judge an ESF kindergarten using the same criteria you’d use to judge any other kindergarten. Plus points for ESF: established brand name and reputation, based on excellent teaching staff and a solid curriculum, fully accredited by IBO. Through train system from 3 to 18 years old.

The Top Local Kindergartens

We are often asked about top local kindergartens such as :

  • St Catherine's International Kindergarten and Nursery

  • York International Kindergarten

  • Canaan Kindergarten and Nursery

  • Learning Habitat Kindergarten and Bilingual Nursery

  • Greenfield English (International) Kindergarten Greenfield English Kindergarten Greenfield International Nursery

  • Victoria Educational Organisation

  • Victoria Kindergarten and International Nursery

These are not international in the sense that they are good preparation for a child to enter an international primary school.

A few ways to tell are:

  • a PN or a K3 program

  • mention of 'native English teachers' or NETS

  • curriculum is 'school based'

  • languages include Cantonese

Any or all of these elements are clues that these kindergartens are, in fact, local kindergartens with or without the existence of the word ' international ' in their name. These will suit children headed for top local primary schools such as La Salle Primary School, St Paul's Co Educational College Primary School, Diocesan Boys' School, Diocesan Girls' Junior School, Marymount Primary School, etc


If you would like professional advice on which kindergarten to choose for your child, please do get in touch.


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