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Hong Kong Academy: Fostering Connections and Strengthening Parental Engagement

When the academic year kicked off at Hong Kong Academy, parents didn't just drop off their children and leave. Instead, they were warmly invited to be a part of the first 30 minutes of the school day. Such a gesture, seemingly simple, resonated deeply, fostering a sense of unity among parents, educators, students, and staff.

This inclusive environment, combined with proactive parent involvement, supports the school's core value of creating a sense of belonging. Even as Hong Kong Academy (HKA) expands and evolves, its dedication to nurturing a close-knit community remains steadfast. HKA's initiatives are designed to bolster the bond between home and school, offering parents numerous avenues to be actively involved.

Championing Parental Involvement in Education

HKA recognizes the pivotal role parents play in shaping a child's academic journey. Through specialized parent education sessions led by both in-house and external educators and specialists, parents gain a deeper understanding of the curriculum, innovative teaching approaches, emotional development, and ways to support learning outside the classroom. These sessions equip parents with the knowledge and tools to be active participants in their child's educational path.

Parents as Valued Contributors

At HKA, parental engagement isn't limited to attending sessions. Parents are encouraged to be hands-on, whether it's reading with students, accompanying them on field trips, assisting in the library, or sharing their expertise on specific subjects or career days. Their consistent presence on campus enriches the learning environment and reinforces the school's community-centric ethos.

Building Bonds Through Community Events

HKA hosts a plethora of events that serve as platforms for parents to connect, share, and contribute. From educational workshops and casual coffee mornings to family math nights, theatrical shows, class presentations, and the much-anticipated Community Fair, these events promote cultural awareness, active participation, and open dialogue. Such initiatives have a profound positive impact, strengthening the ties within the school community.

A Transparent and Trustworthy Partnership

The bond between home and school at HKA is built on a foundation of trust and open communication. With platforms like Seesaw and Toddle, parents are kept in the loop about their child's weekly achievements and overall progress. This transparent approach ensures parents are well-informed throughout the year, fostering a collaborative relationship.


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