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IBDP & A Level Results Compared - 2018

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

We know that results matter to parents - and so they should.

We've collated the IB Diploma and A Level results from some of Kuala Lumpur's leading international schools.

A Levels

More details from the schools themselves:



Epsom College



IB Diploma

More details from the schools themselves:



Marlborough College

Nexus International School

St Joseph's International


Important! Please Read...

We've only compared the schools who had made their results statistics publicly available on their websites.

We always encourage parents to also consider other other data when choosing a school, including a school's value added data, the size of their examination cohorts and whether a school has an inclusive or selective admissions policy. Grade tables like this only tell part of a story!


Have we missed a school? Oops - it's not deliberate, we promise!

Please drop us a line so that we can update our post.


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