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Is my child a Permanent Resident?

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Schools will usually ask whether your child is a Permanent Resident of Hong Kong or not. Not sure? It can be confusing. So, to help, here’s  a very brief summary of a fairly technical area:

* PR=Permanent Resident of Hong Kong

Do I need to prove that I am a Permanent Resident?

Yes. The Immigration Department requires that people claiming to be PRs must be verified. This is usually by means of applying for a permanent identity card. However, children are normally not expected to do so and can apply at the age of 11.

An adult PRID card will have these words printed on the back ‘The holder of this card has right of abode in Hong Kong’.

A child born in Hong Kong will have the word ‘Established’ on their birth certificate in the last box (11) asking about PR status.

Do I need to prove that my child is a Permanent Resident?

Yes. You can apply for an endorsement to be made in your PR child’s travel document stating their eligibility for a permanent identity card, which makes travelling easier.

What if my child is not a PR?

A child must have a valid visa to be enrolled in school. The most common type of visa is a dependant visa, issued on the back of a parent’s work visa.

This information is intended as a general guide and is not a substitute for specific legal advice concerning individual situations. Please seek legal advice before taking any action or relying on the information here.

If you require legal advice you are advised to contact a lawyer .

For specific advice on visas, contact Stephen Barnes, the Visa Geezer.


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