Victoria: Why is it so popular? [UPDATED]

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Victoria Educational Organisation is a highly reputable local group of kindergartens, founded in 1965, with an affiliated private independent school: Victoria Shanghai Academy.

It is perceived in the market as a good option if parents are not sure between a local and an international school and that VEO children have the option of either.

We literally meet dozens of Victoria families every year hoping to enter a top international school. Some are successful. Yet, it has to be said, that VEO is not the most obvious choice if seeking an English medium international school later on.

In our opinion, VEO is not a hybrid - it is a local school - teaching mainly in the local language (Cantonese) - to mostly local families. As preparation for a DSS or other local schools, requiring fluent Cantonese and good literacy skills, as well as 'decent' English and Mandarin, VEO makes a lot of sense.

As a feeder into English medium schools, it doesn't appear to make any sense for most families. And the data and evidence tells us so..

The Data

VEO have nine locations. The Causeway Bay (VEO CB) campus is separately owned since the other 8 were recently sold off. When we first wrote this article in 2020, we stated that "However, for now, all 9 feed into Victoria Shanghai Academy in that applications to VSA P1 are ONLY - and somewhat inexplicably - accepted from VEO and VEO CB students and debenture holders."

As of 2022/23, Victoria Shanghai Academy will - as predicted - accepted P1 applications from ALL K2 children, regardless of which kindergarten they are attending. This was, in our opinion, inevitable - and very sensible - and good news to other kindergartens in that their students will be eligible to enter VSA.

Here is the data on school placements of VEO students, freely available and shown with our comments.