What’s right for my child? Shaping your child’s educational journey

The pride and joy of parenthood are as unique to the parents as their children are diverse. Whilst we all happily agree that no two children are the same in terms of behaviour, interests and academic ability, parents oftentimes struggle with their role and responsibilities in selecting and accompanying their children on their educational journey.

Whilst the academic and admissions team of international schools in Hong Kong will readily support parents with guidance and advice, parents are encouraged to prepare themselves in order to make informed decisions about their child’s educational journey.

Selecting the right school for a child is often a compromise between many practical and commercial aspects. Before delving into more mundane questions, parents are best advised to sit together as a family and discuss their family values and how they are lived. They might debate to what extent they expect a school to share or further their family values and use this as an additional criterion when shortlisting suitable schools.

The reality of a modern classroom at an international school can sometimes be daunting to parents, who only have their own school experience to rely on as a yardstick. The sooner parents accept that their child’s educational journey will be different from their own, the quicker their decision becomes centred on actual educational need