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Top Schools specialises in matching the best talent to International and Private schools in Hong Kong, Mainland China and South East Asia. We also provide Interview guidance and preparation and assistance with CV writing to our candidates.

Contracting - CONTRACT WORK - Why Choose Top Schools?

Top Schools contractors contribute enormously to the success of a schools throughout Hong Kong and China.

Top Schools provides access to experienced specialists who execute on challenging assignments.  This can be due to a lack of existing niche skills, within an organisation, or the current span of resources being stretched beyond capacity.


A Fixed Term Contract is an assignment where positions are typically undertaken for a pre-agreed period. You are usually paid on a monthly salary, directly from the client, on a pro-rata basis with a notice period on both sides.  

Why Do Schools recruit Top Schools Contractors?

Our contractors are recognised as being amongst the most highly skilled professionals in the market with the ability to quickly become a key asset.

Organisations often require Top Schools contractors for the following reasons:

• Fixed period access to expertise

• Cover for maternity leave or absences

• Ability to have experts on board to optimise growth

• Capability to oversee ‘cross discipline’ professional teams in delivering scaled change projects

• An immediate solution where there has been a sudden departure of an executive or the search process is taking longer than expected

To become a Top Schools Contractor simply contact Meishana Bargh to arrange an interview:


The following information will be required:

• Resume

• HKID or work visa sponsored by the hiring company once they decide to hire you/

• References from previous 2-5 years employment.

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Featured Jobs

Primary School Teachers

We are searching for Primary School teachers who are experienced with teaching the British national curriculum.

Primary School Principal

Excellent opportunity for an experienced Head Teacher or Year Group Leader to join a Primary school based in

Hong Kong.

Director of Teaching and Learning

Amazing opportunity for a leader with vision, creativity, and curriculum development expertise to join the schools

Leadership Team.

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“Always professional but also friendly and approachable; well connected in the education sector. Looking for a job, I found a good listening ear, invaluable advice, and a lot of encouragement and acknowledgment of my strengths when it came to prepping me for a position they believed I was suited for. I found people who believed in me, my skills and talents.”

— HK Candidate

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