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Top Schools is a trusted name in Hong Kong within the education sector, we have a global network of candidates and a thorough understanding of the local market and its requirements. We provide a personalised approach to ensure a high level of service. At Top Schools, we are true education specialists this is all we do!  


Finding the right staff for your school and organising your talent needs for the future is crucial. At Top Schools we can deliver innovative, flexible and customised recruitment services and solutions across the education sector.


Working with Top Schools offers time savings and a best-fit talent match. Find out what it means to partner with us for a proven, solution for your recruitment needs. Top Schools is committed to understanding your school and can swiftly respond to your requirements and always provide the best solutions to support your needs

Contract Recruitment Services

Contract Recruitment remains to be a new concept in Asia. However, the future of work needs to be flexible and schools need to understand the benefits of having a team that includes permanent staff as well as professional contractors.


With 10 years of education expertise in Hong Kong; Top Schools manage a large network of professional contractors who are committed to helping schools achieve their immediate goals to build a better future. We provide an end-to-end solution based on our client’s talent management requirements. The contract management process includes understanding the talent needs, sourcing for eligible staff and interviewing the shortlisted job applicants.

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If you or your organisation are looking for a contractor or simply want to hear more about the advantages of hiring contract professionals, why not contact Meishana Bargh or call us on +852 5330 1061 

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“Meishana has been an invaluable ally to me in providing excellent candidates for teaching appointments. Despite distance and time differences, Meishana has capably arranged to interview teacher candidates and has provided a consistent and efficient support service to our school. I have benefitted significantly from the assistance and advice provided throughout this project.”

—  Howard Tuckett -

Founding Headmaster,

Wycombe Abbey Hong Kong

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