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Top Schools Schools Services

Marketing Services

Top Schools has partnered with nearly every International and private School in Hong Kong over the past 10 years. We help schools with their strategic marketing plans. We offer services in SEO, digital marketing, branding, print media, admissions processes, webinars, podcasts, events and so much more.

Recruitment Services

The recruitment department of Top Schools partners with schools to help them find the most suitable, highest caliber teachers. We receive applications from all over the world including Hong Kong. Our expert recruitment staff are well acquainted with exactly what schools need.

About Top Schools

26 years of experience

The founder of Top Schools, Ruth has over 26 years’ experience in the education system in Hong Kong. She has the advantage of many years in different areas of education – as a teacher, a teacher-trainer, a parent and now consultant.

Ruth writes and speaks about private and international schools for parents, corporations and other groups. She is a frequent contributor to local media including the SCMP, Playtimes and Sassy Mama and generally regarded as the go-to expert on this topic.

Originally from the UK, Ruth has been in Hong Kong for over 26 years and is the mother of two children; both now at boarding schools in the UK.


Schools we have worked with

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