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Happy Family at Home

Services for Families

We work with parents to develop a strategic, realistic and flexible approach to choosing a school…and having that school choose your child!

Finding the right school for your child and then having that school choose your child is a process often typified by stress, stress and more stress!  Many schools are able to pick and choose which children they accept, and which they don’t.

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Family at the Table


As a parent who has always been really involved with her kids, I was really anxious about moving to Malaysia - especially as far as my kids' education was concerned. Thankfully, I came across Helen and her guidance really helped us sail through. I cannot thank her enough: she has helped us through the entire process, from explaining what school is right for us, to getting our applications organised. Being in Pakistan and getting everything done from here would not have been a breeze!


I cannot thank her enough for arranging everything and getting all my kids through! Helen,  you are truly the best! I would recommend her hands down as she is so dedicated!!!

—  Parent, KL

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