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State-funded Schools

Around ninety-four percent of children in the UK attend state, government-funded school - free to parents.

School Admissions Code 2021


The UK has a confusing variety of schools to choose from.

In the UK we consider all 2000+ private schools - full boarding, flexi boarding, day and

homestay, plus state schools covering children aged 3 to 18. 

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If you are based in Asia and looking to take advantage of fully funded state school in the UK, we can help you with your school search.

Our consultants are experts in navigating local authorities and their procedures, as well as appeals.

We understand catchment areas, the common application form (CAF),how to handle oversubscriptions, all based on legislation, notably the School Standards and Framework Act 1998. 

We are specialists with searching for in-year places and places for families relocating into the UK without the usual evidence (ie a fixed residence).

School Children
The Top Schools Difference
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Our services are entirely personalised fully flexible to accommodate each client’s unique requirements

We have verifiable, in-depth knowledge of the UK education system (independent & state); we make recommendations based on fact, not hearsay or personal opinion!

We maintain good relationships with schools, parents and other stakeholders 

We are focused, and small enough to deliver a personal service

We have a 100% success rate for school placements

We work with parents and clients to develop a strategic, realistic and flexible approach to choosing a school and having that school choose your child!

Our consultants speak native English. We do have English-Chinese translation/interpretation capability if needed.

UK State Schools

Searching for a best-fit school in the UK doesn’t need to be stressful!

Our Fees: We charge a flat fee, depending on the level of service you require.

We charge fees since we work for you - the parents - and not the schools. We are not agents simply collecting commissions from private schools; we are consultants with a high level of expertise and well placed to guide parents with varied needs.

The Transition from a school in Asia to a State School in

the UK requires careful management, depending on the age of the children. We can advise on the exit of the current school as well as entry into the destination school to ensure the transition is easy and as smooth as possible.

Schedule a Complimentary Call

It’s best to begin looking for a school as soon as you have an intention to move to the UK, but late applications can still be placed.

Your first step is to contact us so we can begin learning more about what you are looking for, and then create a customised plan just for you. GET IN TOUCH

Julie Forsyth

Senior Consultant, UK

Image by Jeswin Thomas


EHCP Checking Service

We can offer a checking service of your Education Health and care plan (EHCP), for those who are seeking either a change, making their EHCP more robust or have been issued a proposed amended plan and need urgent advice on the plan contents.   This service gives up to 4 hours of time from our consultants and you will receive a written response with our recommendations on your EHCP.*

Other SEN and EHCP support includes:

  • Meeting attendance

  • Annual Review support and forms

  • Applications for EHCP

  • Appeals for refuse to assess, refuse to issue, content and placement appeals etc. 

Julie Forsyth our lead consultant, is qualified to the highest level of SEN Law at The University of Law, London, and has 21 years' experience in SEN (Special Educational Needs) supporting parents to get the support their child needs to access education.


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