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Online Education
Online Education


We offer a test that forms part of many schools’ admissions process to ensure there are no surprises! 

One to one tutoring starts at £80 or HK$800.

For all regions

ISEB Common Pre-test | CAT4 | UKISET 

Online Tutoring

Find expert London tutors to support your progress, wherever you are. Distance is no barrier to learning, with JK Educate’s one-to-one online tutoring services. It is a key part of our flexible approach to tutoring provision and educational support, as it means we can offer it to everyone regardless of geography or other restrictions. JK Educate help students from all over the world and across the UK, across all age ranges, including 11+ preparation, GCSEs, A Levels and undergraduate studies.

Online Tutoring During COVID-19

During the coronavirus pandemic, all of our tutoring has moved online, and this continues to be as effective as face-to-face tutoring. We have brilliant tutors available to provide short-term trouble-shooting subject tutoring online at all levels, or more long-term home learning support. We are also operating an online Home School Mentoring service to support home learning, with daily tutor contact by video calls to ensure that children are on track with work and can ask questions about elements of their work they don’t understand. Tutors are offering support to parents through this service too, to optimise the learning environment at home.

JK Online Tutoring

Why choose a tutor over there

Verbal Reasoning: involves words. These appear in the form of verbal classifications & analogies.

Non-verbal Reasoning: involves shapes and patterns. These appear in the form of figures & matrices.

Mathematical: involves numbers. These appear in the form of number analogies & series.

Spatial Reasoning: mentally generating and transforming visual images.  These appear in the form of figures.


You could ask Google as well as other parents and teachers for their word of mouth recommendations.


You’ll find dozens of tutoring agencies in your city and you should follow up with some calls to understand their approach.

At Top Schools, we work with a very small number of trusted agencies and we are happy to recommend. We will never be prescrptive and suggest any particular agency; you should explore 2 or 3 and choose the one that feels right for you.

On the whole, we tend to prefer online tutors based in the UK if your child suits this mode. The sheer number of tutors available there means that the quality is top notch and, if aiming for a UK school, they know the system and the format of the various tests inside out and backwards.

Flexible- Convenient - Effective

What will I learn about my child? 
You will learn the true potential of your child and understand where hidden factors may be affecting performance. Your report provides a more complete picture than curriculum tests can provide by themselves and are benchmarked against the UK national performance and include KS2, GCSE and A-level indicators.
Individual Score

You will receive individual scores for your child's verbal, non-verbal, spatial and quantitative reasoning, enabling you to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and how much support they may need to catch up.


The results will enable you (and our consultants) to make informed decisions on next steps.

Standard Age Score

This is the most important piece of information and is based on the student’s raw score adjusted for age and placed on a scale that makes a comparison with a nationally representative sample of students of the same age across the UK. The average score is 100. The SAS is key to benchmarking and tracking progress and is the fairest way to compare the performance of different students within a year group or across year groups.

The National
Percentile Rank (NPR)

This relates to the SAS and indicates the percentage of students obtaining any particular score. NPR of 50 is average.


NPR of 5 means that the student’s score is within the lowest 5% of the national sample; NPR of 95 means that the student’s score is within the highest 5% of the national sample.

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