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Online Education

You could ask Google as well as other parents and teachers for their word of mouth recommendations.
You’ll find dozens of tutoring agencies in your city and you should follow up with some calls to understand their approach.

At Top Schools, we work with a very small number of trusted agencies and we are happy to recommend. We will never be prescriptive and suggest any particular agency; you should explore 2 or 3 and choose the one that feels right for you.

On the whole, we tend to prefer online tutors based in the UK if your child suits this mode. The sheer number of tutors available there means that the quality is top notch and, if aiming for a UK school, they know the system and the format of the various tests inside out and backwards.

However, if you prefer a tutor based where you are, we can arrange for face to face tutors too.

Flexible - Convenient - Effective

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Qualified & Experienced

Highly qualified British teachers, with extensive experience in both traditional classroom settings and online education. 

All tutors are meticulously handpicked based on their expertise in curating top- notch lessons that effectively address the individual strengths and weaknesses of students.

Personalised Learning

You can expect a comprehensive and personalised learning experience. We will collaborate closely with you, to design the ideal course tailored to your child's unique requirements. You'll be matched with a tutor best aligned with your child's needs to ensure a productive learning journey.

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