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If you are seeking a (private) school in Singapore,

we can help.


Whether you’re new to Singapore and looking for a school to enrol your child in or you are seeking a switch to a new school, it’s never easy. We are here to guide you to successful enrolment in your chosen school.

We Cover:

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Searching for a best-fit school in the Singapore doesn’t need to be stressful!

Since 2012, we have been supporting families just like you to find the best-fit schools for their children. In Singapore, we consider all private schools for children aged 2 to 18. 

We are consultants, NOT agents. IF a school pays a commission, we refund it to you! *

We do simply find your child a place at a top school, but the best-fit school for your child.

The Top Schools Difference
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Our services are entirely personalised fully flexible to accommodate each client’s unique requirements

We have verifiable, in-depth knowledge of the UK education system (independent & state); we make recommendations based on fact, not hearsay or personal opinion!

We maintain good relationships with schools, parents and other stakeholders 

We are focused, and small enough to deliver a personal service

We have a 100% success rate for school placements

We are completely independent education experts

Our small team collectively boasts 70 years’ of Hong Kong-specific education experience.

We work with parents and clients to develop a strategic, realistic and flexible approach to choosing a school and having that school choose your child!

Our consultants speak native English. We do have English-Chinese translation/interpretation capability if needed.

Expert guidance from our Singapore team!
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Transitioning: Quite a few schools in Singapore have partner schools in other parts of Asia, or further afield, so it is worth exploring this as a possible option.​

If you are departing a school in Hong Kong, we feel that knowledge of BOTH the departure school and the destination school puts us in the strongest position possible to recommend best fit schools.


We spoke to Paul Friend, Principal of North London Collegiate School - opening August 2020.


Held to the same high standards of North London Collegiate School (UK), NLCS (Singapore) provides an academically ambitious curriculum supplemented by outstanding pastoral care and an exceptional extra-curricular enrichment programme.

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Apply for 2021/22 now! 

It’s best to begin looking for a school about 12 months before enrolment, but late applications can still be placed.

Your first step is to contact us so we can begin learning more about what you are looking for, and then create a customised plan just for you. GET IN TOUCH

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