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Marketing for Schools

Exposure | Engagement | Enrolment

Strategic Marketing & Media Services

It all begins with the right questions.


  • How is your brand perceived in the marketplace?

  • Is your message different from your competitors?

  • Who is your ideal target audience?

  • What is your unique value proposition to your audience?

  • Is your messaging aligned with your brand positioning? Is it sticking?

Not just another advertiser

We CAN take your fully formed images, text and CTA and push it out to our audience. However, we prefer to be more involved in the CREATION of a campaign to ensure its best chance of success.

Content Optimisation

Digital marketing done for you to increase exposure and engagement.

Website copy, blogs and more  - all optimised for Google to get your school website ranked first for your keywords and keep you there.

Social Media

Budgets are tighter than ever, so you need to get smarter with your spending. We have a highly engaged audience of over 30,000 to put your school in front of and we have creative ways of doing so.


 If your team lack the expertise to implement your marketing plan,  we can run training sessions or  longer term coaching.  

Mystery Shopping

Our expert insight into how your admissions process is currently working from a user's POV with plenty of recommendations.

Why work with us

We have worked hard to build rapport and cultivate trust within our circle of influence - Hong Kong parents and educators.


When we promote a school or an event, our community responds - sometimes through immediate action, but also through positive brand association.


If you are a top school, or aspiring to be a top school, you need to be working with Top Schools!

We are the only independent, local education experts with a strong online and social media presence.


Our Audience

We reach a highly
niche audience, comprised of:

Affluent parents of babies, pre- schoolers, primary and secondary students committed to providing the best education they can for their children.

We have a targeted, engaged mailing lists reaching parents with up to date education news.

Our Flagship Event : International Schools Festival



"Top Schools are well versed on the education landscape in Hong Kong, which is often a very overwhelming and daunting area for parents who have school age children. There is a lot of mis-information out there and Ruth and Pam help parents sort through factual information regarding kindergartens, primary and secondary schools."

—  Dave McMaster,

Former Head of School,

Canadian International School 

Streamline your school's marketing and administration with Keap's tailored automation solutions. Discover how to enhance student engagement and simplify workflows.

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