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United Kingdom

If you are based in Asia and considering a school in the UK, we can help. Whether applying for the usual entry points of 11, 13 or 16 or not...

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The UK has a confusing variety of schools to choose from. In the UK we consider all 2,500+ private schools - full boarding, flexi boarding, day and homestay, plus state schools covering children aged 3 to 18. 

Moving from an international school ? 

If your child is a British citizen OR a native English speaker, your admissions journey into a UK school can be quite different.

We will request that you can be exempt from English as a Second Language Assessments (including UKiSet) and possibly also exempt from paying additional fees/deposits and from registering for expensive guardianship services too if you have family based in the UK.

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When you work with us you may save on application and assessment fees*

We have negotiated fee waivers for a number of UK schools and many of the schools we work with will NOT require a UKiset test.

In recent placements, our clients have secured offers from Rugby, Sedbergh, Stonar, Kent College, Oundle and many more.

The Transition: From an International School in Asia to an Independent School in the UK


With expertise in BOTH the departure school and the destination school puts us in the strongest position possible to recommend best fit school.

Our standard consultations include:

  • Overview of educational systems in UK: state, grammar and independent sectors

  • Advice specific to independent sector: location, gender, boarding, pastoral care, assessments

  • Analysis of parents’ & child’s needs: questionnaire & meeting(s)

  • A Cognitive Ability Test used as a first screener by most UK schools (similar to CAT4 or UKiset)

  • Detailed report on potential good fit schools including a review of its size, academic options

  • Application guide including strategy, key dates and procedures

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