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Admissions Consultancy


Whether you’re new to Singapore and looking for a school to enrol your child in or you are seeking a switch to a new school, it’s never easy.


We are here to guide you to successful enrolment in your chosen school.

If you are seeking an international school in Singapore, we can help.


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Thinking of relocating? A guide to Singapore international schools


Given the strength and reputation of the school system in Singapore, some parents in Hong Kong worry that there might not be any places for their kids. According to Ruth Benny, the founder of Top Schools, this isn’t really the case.


Brighton College, Singapore

Transitioning: Quite a few schools in Singapore have partner schools in other parts of Asia, or further afield, so it is worth exploring this as a possible option.​

If you are departing a school in Hong Kong, we feel that knowledge of BOTH the departure school and the destination school puts us in the strongest position possible to recommend best fit schools.

Apply for 2024/25 now! 

It’s best to begin looking for a school about 12 months before enrolment, but late applications can still be made.

Your first step is to contact us so we can begin learning more about what you are looking for, and then create a customised plan just for you. GET IN TOUCH

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