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Application Strategy Review

Hong Kong

Perhaps you're not sure if you need a full support service. You have researched many schools, visited some and applied. Your child has attended assessments and is currently on waitlists/in waitpools. Yet, you are still not sure what to do next.

Will we get an offer?

When will we get an offer?

What if we don't get an offer?

Let our experts review your current situation and recommend next steps : 

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Application Strategy Review

Analysis of parent questionnaire
Age appropriate assessment *   

1 x meeting with parents up to 90 minutes
Review of child's school reports 
Review of application history (all applications previously submitted; status checked

with the school)
Recommended next steps/actions

* Up to 7 years, in-house assessment; 7 years + CAT 4 test  If converting to a plan, this amount is deducted from the plan fee.

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 Just Ask!!       

If you're not sure whether we can help or not, just ask.


Following a complimentary telephone consultation, we will mutually decide whether we can work together and when is the right time.


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The admissions process may appear to be straightforward, yet it has a LOT of moving parts and needs to be actively managed.

Think of a school application as a CV. It has one job - to generate an interview. In the case of a school application, we prefer to refer to it as an ' assessment'. Not all schools invite all applicants so your application must be:

  • accurate

  • complete


This seems obvious. Most forms are quite straightforward, yet actually reveal a wealth of information to the trained eye of the Admissions Manager. Data points must match and make sense.


It is important to provide schools with ALL that they ask for but ONLY what they ask for. Do NOT send in additional certificates/reference letters but do send what they need.

When your child attend the assessment, you will receive one of three outcomes: 

  • Accepted/Offer

  • Waitlisted/

  • Declined

Either of the first two outcomes are acceptable. An offer should be accepted (unless you genuinely have more than one) and a waitlist situation must be followed up regularly and the likelihood of receiving an offer evaluated.

A rejection should be investigated, especially if more than one such outcome. Applying to a school where your child was previously rejected may be sensible or it is most likely a redirection.  Multiple repeat applications to the same school are likely to result in the same repeat outcome, unless the cause of the rejection is identified and addressed.


How to Apply

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