5 tips to help your children succeed in preschool

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Preschool can be a challenging and scary transition for both children and their parents. Children can struggle with the big adjustment of being away from caregivers and outside the comfort of their home environment. But don’t worry, you can have a big impact on your child’s success at preschool.

Here are our five best tips to set your child up for success at preschool, and beyond.

Encourage them to cooperate with others

A huge component of preschool is learning to work in groups.

Interacting, sharing, listening and cooperating with their peers, which are taught and practiced in preschool, are essential tools in any child’s toolbox. Perhaps one of the most important traits to help children build relationships is empathy. Not only do empathetic children get along better with their peers, they are often rewarded by teachers and other parents. In order to encourage empathy and cooperation, you should model good behaviour.

For example, take extra care to exhibit saying “please” and “thank you” and listening well when conversing with anyone; your partner, helper and especially the child themself. Another key technique recommended by psychologists is to practice naming emotions. This can be incorporated in everyday life, when your child is upset or angry about something, or by identifying emotions of characters when reading.