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Delia School of Canada: Individualised Education Pathways that Open the Door to Global Success

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

#SponsoredPost One of the oldest international schools in Hong Kong, Delia School of Canada (DSC) welcomed its first students in 1986. Since then, it has gone on to become one of the most successful schools in the SAR, with alumni accepted to top universities across the world.

A registered school with the Ontario Ministry of Education, DSC offers a Canadian curriculum that culminates in students being awarded the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), a credit-based system that enables students to gain a broad yet deep grounding, both academically and socially.

Students must complete a total of 30 high school credits, with four courses taken each semester. This ensures that students, with the support of parents, teachers and the school’s academic counsellors, develop an individualised programme of study that is specifically tailored to their post-secondary destination. Most compulsory courses are finished in Grade 10, allowing for subject specialisation in Grades 11 and 12 – an approach that ensures both breadth and depth of learning.

This commitment to delivering a holistic education means Canada’s education system regularly outperforms that of other nations, particularly when it comes to maths, science and reading. Student achievement is focused on the development of knowledge and skills, with the final grade based not only on knowledge but also on how students integrate high-level thinking, communicate their understanding and apply this to varying contexts.

Key to all of this is adapting the curriculum to the ever-changing needs of society. For example, the DSC maths curriculum was recently revised to place an increased focus on coding, financial literacy and socio-economic learning – all important skills in today’s technological age.

A complete educational journey

DSC is a through-train school, catering to students from Early Years through to 12 (ages four to 18). STEAM education is fully integrated from the outset, with even Early Years students enjoying practical subjects such as robotics and aquaponics. A team of ICT specialists ensures that innovation and technology are promoted at every grade level.

The school also places a strong emphasis on language learning, with French, Japanese and Putonghua all offered as options. A dedicated ESL (English as a Second Language) programme is also available for students who have limited experience in speaking, reading and writing English.

Supporting students to pursue their passions

What really makes DSC’s approach so special, however, is the attention that’s given to individual passions and personal strengths.

“DSC provides an engaging, real-world learning environment, inspiring students to strive for excellence and to make a positive difference within the local and global communities,” says Dr Jason Walter, Head of School. Dr Walter notes that this “fosters a reflective learning process, which supports students developing a greater understanding of their aptitudes and passions.” This approach develops students’ self-awareness, which ensures that they become independent learners who take ownership of their learning.

“Critical thinking, creativity and problem solving are the core of DSC’s learning model – the heart of what we do,” Dr Walter continues. “Learning activities are hands-on, with a strong focus on higher-level thinking skills and problem solving. By offering a variety of assessments and learning activities based on the four components of achievement – knowledge, thinking, communication and application – we ensure that we do not focus solely on exams and tests.”

Professional quality and excellence

The school’s success also, in part, comes down to the expertise of its faculty, over 90% of which is made up of Canadian teachers registered with the Ontario College of Teachers. Each member of the teaching staff comes from a strong academic foundation, having completed a four-year degree, a two-year teacher training programme and extensive in-class practicum. Ongoing professional development ensures they continue to enhance their extensive experience and play a valuable role in creating a strong, stable community – on average, DSC teachers have worked at the school for more than eight years.

Most importantly, teachers at DSC are committed to student success and wellbeing. Ongoing student assessments guide teacher instruction, blend peer support, encourage introspective learning and help clearly define what’s required from students in terms of learning goals and success criteria. All this comes together to enhance student achievement and promote a love of learning, supporting student success in an inclusive, multicultural and caring environment (DSC is proud to host students of more than 45 different nationalities).

For more information about DSC, visit, or join one of the upcoming virtual open days to tour the campus, meet the community and learn more about the school’s quality Canadian education programme for students aged four to 18 years.



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