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Less ‘tiger’ and more ‘tea’ : Choosing a British tutor over there, rather than a tutor here

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Finding the right fit tutor is as important as finding the right fit school and the private tutoring sector in Asia is big business. Getting it right can make a big difference. A survey conducted by market research firm Ipsos concluded that around 2,900 schools were providing tutorial courses for Hong Kong’s secondary students for over 85% of secondary students. That’s not to say most students are having lots of tutoring ALL the time, but we believe that every student will benefit from SOME tutoring at some point.

Finding the Fit

If we are looking for a more personalised approach – genuine support for our child who may need a little confidence building or assistance with revision, how do we differentiate between the good the bad and the overpriced?

A Master Plan

It’s important to agree at the start of a study plan. They are a requisite to ensure that both tutor and pupil remain on course with an agreed formula and to enable development and progress to be monitored and maintained.

The tutor must be well versed in the school’s curriculum to ensure the pupil to reach the requisite standards. If the goal is entry into a new school, the tutor must be familiar with the standards of entry.

Tutoring the whole child

Unlike a teacher, a good tutor is given more license to develop a personal familiarity with a tutee, whether tutoring online or face to face. This often enables deep connections to be made and an understanding of all the other goings-on in the tutee’s life.

Through a careful selection process, the tutor best suited to meet the needs of the individual tutee is assigned to the task throughout the planned programme. He or she will always be a native speaker and more than capable of giving parents regular updates on the progress of their child as well as being accountable to the Holland Park academic management team. Parents will be confident that their child will be thoroughly prepared and ready to meet the challenges ahead in the next phase of their education.

Benefits of tutoring

Tutors can be the vital ingredient to successful learning. They can make it relevant and student-centric, allowing the student to set the work pace. Too fast or too slow and the student can get frustrated and lose interest.

A qualified, experienced tutor can deliver:

  1. One-on-one attention and bespoke learning plans

  2. Individual and unique learning experiences

  3. Improvement in academic performance

  4. Improvement in attitude towards learning and school

  5. Self-paced and self-directed learning,

  6. Improvement in self-esteem and confidence

  7. Improvement in work and study habits

  8. A positive and balanced workspace

British Tutors Online

Many families are choosing online tuition for its multiple benefits, including;

  1. Convenience – no travelling and no time wasted.

  2. Access to a greater range of top-quality tutors , rather than be limited to those in your home country.

  3. Teenagers are often more comfortable with this mode and more willing to engage.

  4. Safety and security – tutors are vetted professionally and all lessons are recorded.

  5. Continuity during school holidays.

  6. Academic support while at university or when boarding.

  7. Language support in advance of moving country.

The choice is yours: a bespoke, tailored suit or a cheap off-the-peg schmutter. So to speak.


If you are interested to find out more about our British Tutor partners, please complete this short form:


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