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The Scoop on Shrewsbury : Three developments for 2023/24

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

We were delighted to be invited to visit Shrewsbury Hong Kong this morning to meet the UK Governors, the Head of School, Head of Chinese and Director of Admissions.

Ben Keeling referred to the schools' Strategic Plan : Together We Flourish with four pillars:





Read the entire document here:

So, to the three new initiatives for the new school year, 2023/24.

These initiatives are born out of "A restless appetite for more and better on behalf of our students", says Ben Keeling.

New Service Program

A program to positively affect young learners this is introduced for students in Years 3 to 6. With the key focus being towards Activity & Action, a lesser focus is placed on Donation.

The school has established partnerships with four local charities and intends to nurture these for many years to come with:

Ben Keeling speaking at Top Schools' event in 2018

Revision and Rebranding of Parent Workshops: 5 ways

Parent workshops will be open to Shrewsbury parents and non Shrewsbury parents alike. Delivered online for maximum participation, they'll be short (30 minutes) and focused, drawing on the expertise of the community.

For example, a few workshops scheduled Aug - Dec 2023 include:

  • 5 ways to encourage early reading

  • 5 ways to boost childhood immunity

  • 5 ways to manage challenging behaviour

  • 5 ways to inspire children to write.

Evolving Chinese Language Program

Currently, Shrewsbury offers three tiers for Chinese, depending on a child's ability:

  1. Foundation

  2. Intermediate

  3. Advanced

The Advanced tier is expanding so that, as children enter Year 3 (KS2), they'll be assigned to a class depending on whether they're on course for First Language IGCSE Chinese or Second Language.

Students in this tier will have the opportunity to study seven Chinese lessons a week (rather than five for other students). These students will be nominated to attend additional classes delivered as ECAs (at no additional cost).

Shrewsbury is NOT and will not become a bilingual school. However, for Chinese children with Chinese proficient parents in a home and life with plenty of Chinese, this program is "strong" for an international school.


Got questions about this school or any other school in Hong Kong, ask our experts.


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