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Why we don’t do hourly consultations

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Parents often ask us for an hourly consultation, rather than the full consultancy service.

“I have my shortlist; I just need a sanity check.”

“I don’t need the full service; I just need a few pointers.”

We don’t do hourly consultations.

Here's why; we offer a full support service personalised for each family.

Ultimately, you choose to work with us because you trust that we can make a vital difference to the outcome of your school search process.

We are not only spending time with you; we are applying our expertise to your family’s unique situation and working with you as partners for the benefit of your child’s education.

Time offers you no value. Buying more consulting time, doesn’t necessarily lead to better results.

If we can help with some useful information and a few pointers, we’re happy to have a chat on the phone - no charge.



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