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Type:  Independent co-educational day and boarding school for children from the age of 1-18 years of age.
Boarding: Yes
Pupils: 310+ in senior school
Location: East Sussex, England, UK
Head: Mr Ed Dickie, Senior School Headteacher
Fees: Day school reception £2,494 to Y13 £6,276 per term and senior full boarding £11,152 per term 
Religious Affiliation: Church of England
Founded: 1925

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About Claremont School

One of the main advantages of a Claremont education, is the ability to offer an ‘all-through’ school experience. Not only does this mean continuity in learning and the convenience of parents being able to have older and younger siblings at the same place, but as children move up through the school, they (and their parents) do so in established friendship groups.

Claremont know their pupils extremely well. During the Prep School years, teachers take the time to discover what makes each child tick, so that they remain forever curious and increasingly able to direct their own learning. Having tracked their progress throughout their school life, when pupils move on to Senior school, teachers can quickly identify even the most subtle changes in a pupil’s development. By sharing information and working closely with parents and our pastoral teams, they are able to offer purposeful and timely support so that pupils remain happy, motivated and keen to always get better.

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