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BNO Relocations

BNO status and looking to relocate to the UK?

Dependents of a BNO passport holder - most commonly children - are welcome to relocate to the UK via the Hong Kong BN(O) Visa scheme. As long as one of the parents holds BNO status, children under the age of 18 will be eligible to apply for a dependent visa, which will also allow them to live, work or study in the UK. These children may attend private schools or state schools. State schools are free of charge.

BNO 5+1

This special visa allows BNO holders and their dependents to enter the UK as a family, and provide a 5-year residence permit during which they can work or study. After 5 years, they can apply for permanent status, and then they can apply for a residence permit one more year after that.

Looking for BNO Passport or UK Visa Assistance?

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Top Schools has partnered with British Connections to provide support to clients looking to renew current, expired or lost/stolen BNO passports in Hong Kong. British citizenship advisors can provide face-to-face nationality consultation services regarding BNO qualification with a UK Government Nationality law trained adviser to help determine whether you are entitled to register as a British Citizen. 

The UK has a confusing variety of schools to choose from.

In the UK we consider all 2000+ private schools - full boarding, flexi boarding, day and

homestay, plus state schools covering children aged 3 to 18. 

Searching for a best-fit school in the UK doesn’t need to be stressful!

Top Schools is for you if you are a parent wanting the best education for your children, yet find the process of searching for information confusing, frustrating and stressful.

Where schools own websites often lack consistency and transparency, we make it easy to search, compare and share accurate, up-to-date information on schools and save a lot of time and worry.

Top Schools is unique in that we provide extensive, solid factual information to balance our opinions and those of our members.

Our school profiles are based on our research, visits to the schools and parent, teacher and student interviews. Many school profiles are verified by the schools directly and they have the authority to edit and update all content, except the initial description which remains impartial and is written by Top Schools staff.  

The Transition: From an International School in Asia to an Independent School in

the UK. We feel that knowledge of BOTH the departure school and the destination school puts us in the strongest position possible to recommend best fit schools.

BNO Visa

If you are based in Hong Kong and looking to take advantage of your BNO passport status in the UK, we can help you with your independent school search.

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Eastbourne College England
The Top Schools Difference
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Our services are entirely personalised fully flexible to accommodate each client’s unique requirements

We have verifiable, in-depth knowledge of the UK education system (independent & state); we make recommendations based on fact, not hearsay or personal opinion!

We maintain good relationships with schools, parents and other stakeholders 

We are focused, and small enough to deliver a personal service

We have a 100% success rate for school placements

We work with parents and clients to develop a strategic, realistic and flexible approach to choosing a school and having that school choose your child!

Our consultants speak native English. We do have English-Chinese translation/interpretation capability if needed.

UK Independent Schools

Apply for 2021/22 or 2022/23 now! 

It’s best to begin looking for a school about 18 months before enrolment, but late applications can still be placed.

Your first step is to contact us so we can begin learning more about what you are looking for, and then create a customised plan just for you. GET IN TOUCH

Marianne Moore

Senior Consultant, UK

Entering School Gate

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