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Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

#SponsoredPost: It would be difficult to imagine what the world will be like in 2050. Career paths that that are on offer to graduates today, may not be readily available in the future. It is possible that by the time a primary school student today enters the workplace, they may need to reinvent themselves and adapt to such changes. With a fast forward growth in technology and automation, how do educators adapt to nurture children to be ready for careers that perhaps don’t exist yet?

Building confidence for life is very important. More than ever before, the children of today need to learn to be expert lifelong learners, to be creative, collaborative problem solvers, in order to flourish in their future lives and careers.

In his latest book, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, Professor Yuval Noah Harari writes that “Many pedagogical experts argue that schools should switch to teaching ‘the four Cs’ – critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.”

Leadership requires determination, clarity of thought, self-confidence, resilience, the ability to manage teamwork, delegation, empathy and the ability to concentrate simultaneously on group and individual tasks. By learning in a communal classroom, pupils feel empowered and valued, whilst fully engaged in learning.

New School in Town

Howard Tuckett, Founding Headmaster of Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong, states that “If you want to catch a fish – you have to think like a fish! If you want to teach a child – you need to think from a child’s point of view.”

It is with this philosophy in mind that Wycombe Abbey School has entered the Hong Kong primary school arena with a bespoke curriculum that provides pupils with the opportunities to experience a regulated level of challenge and the resulting success.

Student Development

Pupils at Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong are taught to take responsibility, not only of their own personal items but also for their learning. Each pupil has their own Communication Book and are encouraged to be responsible for managing their own homework and weekly Reading Log.

Whole Child Approach

Listening to today’s educators discuss child development, we are hearing many buzz words that gear towards ‘educating the whole child’. Nurturing, cognitive, challenged, supported, self-motivated, understood, engaged, safe, mental health, physical health, social-emotional skills all tied together with a sense of self-purpose. A whole child.

Other aspects of the bespoke curriculum at Wycombe Abbey School is a strong focus on STEAM, Art, PE, Music and Drama. These programmes encourage pupils to step out of their comfort zone and to think and problem solve creatively and collaboratively. The learning experiences encourage pupils to take ownership of their learning by giving them space to experiment, explore and be creative.

Importance of Extra-Curricular Development

The academic and extra-curricular development of primary aged children depends to a great extent on allowing them to explore, choose and experience as many activities, skills and challenges as possible. Young children are natural enthusiasts. Wycombe Abbey School has embraced these philosophies. Over the years they spend at the school, pupils will have the opportunity to experience an inspiring choice of different extra-curricular activities, from individual sports such as Swimming, Taekwondo and Wall Climbing to team sports such as Football, Basketball, Badminton and Tennis. There will be opportunities for extra Art, Chinese Calligraphy and Culture, Music, Classical Ballet and Musical Theatre as well as Science Clubs and NASA Education.

Tomorrow’s Leaders

In creating tomorrow’s leaders, Wycombe Abbey Schools’ message is clear “the ethos is rooted in a simple principle that a holistic education, which incorporates a diverse co-curricular programme, will foster the skills required to succeed, including creativity, emotional intelligence, teamwork and leadership.”

Parent Testimonial

“On our first introduction of Wycombe Abbey School, both my Husband and I were incredibly impressed by the Headmaster, Howard Tuckett. I was really intrigued by the Chinese programme offered and we were keen to find out more. We made the decision to switch our child from another HK International school and we are really pleased we did.

Our son now has 7 Chinese lessons a week, compared to 5 previously, but the main difference is the expectations to the level of Chinese. With native and near-native classes, smaller groups and a raised level of Chinese homework, all following a curriculum set at an achievable pace of learning, we are really noticing a difference.

Overall, you can’t beat smaller class sizes and we are glad, as founding parents/pupils, we took advantage of this. Our son has made new friends, enjoys school and is having a great start to his primary years.”
– Joyce, Parent of Y1 student.


To learn more about Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong and to visit us for a School Tour, please contact our admissions team at 2129 7100 or email Please visit our website for more information. We look forward to meeting you and your family.


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