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DSC International School – Celebrating 35 years of excellence

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

As DSC International School nears its fourth decade, the school looks back on its rich history while simultaneously making exciting changes to enrich their future.

With an average of 9-plus years of teaching experience at DSC, all teachers are equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide students with a real Canadian learning experience. Students can learn in an authentic English-speaking environment and experience first-hand Canadian life and school culture, all from Asia's world city, Hong Kong.

As a Canadian school abroad, DSC closely follows Canada's educational philosophies and teaching styles. All overseas Ontario registered schools must have 80 percent of their teachers registered in Canada. More than 90 percent of the teachers at DSC are Canadian teachers registered with the Ontario College of Teachers, the official organization that licenses, governs, and regulates Ontario's teaching profession in the public interest.

The school first opened its doors in 1986 as the first Canadian international school in Hong Kong. It has since grown and expanded exponentially, now offering a through-train program for students aged 4-18. In August 2021, the School celebrated their 35th Anniversary by unveiling a new name - DSC International School (formerly known as Delia School of Canada). “We have always been proud of our multicultural student demographics, with our alumni being accepted into some of the top universities worldwide”, says Dr. Jason Walter, the Head of School. “Therefore, we added ‘International’ to our name to represent our international school community.” DSC believes this multicultural environment is ideal for students to learn and use English daily while learning about different cultures and nurturing them to become global citizens for a bright and prosperous future. DSC offers three International Language options: French, Japanese, and Putonghua. While the French option follows the Ontario curriculum, both Japanese and Putonghua follow the national curriculum in Japan and China, respectively.

In honor of their aforementioned 35th Anniversary, the school reached out to alumni to feature them in their #DSC35 journey campaign across all of their online social channels. “We are so impressed by the diverse career pathways our alumni have chosen. Their resilience and passion for reaching their dreams amidst global uncertainty are commendable. We believe each individual's story showcases the positive impact the school has had on their journey”, said Dr. Walter.

DSC takes great pride in offering their students learning spaces that are in tune with the demands of our evolving world. “We completed the first stage of our ongoing campus development plan in September 2021. These exciting plans include our brand-new Innovation and Creativity Hub, a specialty floor with ten purpose-built learning studios designed for our students to explore subjects including AI/Robotics, STEAM, Visual and Performing Arts, and Hydroponic Gardening.”

DSC believed in the holistic importance of nurturing the mind and the body. Thus, in addition to these development plans, they will also redevelop their external spaces to allow for maximum use for physical education and extracurricular sports programs, as well as community events. “Our vision for these spaces focuses on community engagement and the continued development of our students' physical and athletic abilities. DSC is committed to developing the next generation of thinkers, innovators, influencers, entrepreneurs, and athletes. These new facilities will ensure the School's vision positively impacts our students' learning and success.”

In line with DSC’s vision to foster development amidst a changing world, the school understands the importance of being an eco-conscious and sustainability-focused institution. In November 2021, DSC became the first school in the city to join CNN's Call To Earth community. The school organized multiple events to raise awareness of environmental issues, including a large-scale recycling drive in partnership with Redress and Little Baton, learning activities that focus on recycling and waste management, and a full-day event, the Eco-X Summit, that occurred on November 10, 2021.

During the Eco-X Summit, they had six keynote speakers sharing their success stories in improving the community with their eco-projects. Grade 4 to 12 students engaged in inquiry-based problem-solving skills and prepared presentations that tackle critical global issues. Meanwhile, younger students participated in upcycling activities and interactive lessons centred around sustainability. “The school was honored to welcome CNN to our campus to report on the day. CNN even featured some of our students in interviews broadcasted globally.” For more information on this successful event, watch here:

As part of DSC’s focus on positively impacting the wider global community, they are devoting themselves to socially conscious initiatives. The school challenged the community with a new goal to raise $35,000 for Operation Santa Claus. Together with its parent organization, CTF Education Group, the school community eventually exceeded far beyond the target and reached a record of $125,621 in total. DSC is very proud to receive the Top School Fundraiser title for 2021.

DSC International School is proud to offer students pathways to top universities worldwide. DSC follows the Canadian (Ontario) curriculum, an international curriculum recognized worldwide. Under this curriculum, they are authorized to award students with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) upon completing their high school studies. The certification allows students to apply to all Canadian universities directly and any other universities worldwide.

“We are proud of our Teacher Advisor/Teacher Mentor program that is designed to support students along their path to university,” says Dr. Walter. DSC graduates have received acceptance from some of the Top 50 Universities worldwide. Some of the popular destinations among the community are the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia in Canada; the University of California, Los Angeles, New York University, and Columbia University in the US; Imperial College London, London School of Economics, and the University of Edinburgh in the UK; as well as world-renowned universities in Asia such as University of Tokyo, Waseda University, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Tsinghua University. “We believe our students' acceptance into these prestigious global institutions is a testament to the international community we have fostered”, he says.

The guidance team at DSC is committed to supporting students in choosing and applying for the universities and programs of their choice, with university application workshops and seminars held regularly to provide well-rounded support for parents and students throughout the decision-making process. They understand the importance of starting early in the university admissions processes; The Guidance Team, supported by Teacher Advisors/Teacher Mentors, ensures that the school starts working with students as early as Grade 7 to develop their pathway around identified aptitudes, interests, and future desires.

As part of this process, DSC launched a new program in 2021 – the OSSD+ Signature Program, a bespoke program offering an excellent opportunity to maximize the high school experience and acquire the skills necessary to make a positive difference in the local and global communities. The program provides students with the opportunity to focus on a specialized academic discipline, enhanced community outreach and leadership development, real-world experience, and career mentorship through work placement. These experiences and academic credits are beneficial when students prepare their application for the program of their choice as they plan for their university and career pathways in the "real world".

By following the Canadian education curriculum, as opposed to other international curriculums, students are more equipped for their futures in a university environment because the Canadian educational model is similar to the university system. In each semester, students need only to focus on four subjects. There is no need to spend a year studying multiple subjects simultaneously, which means students can effectively allocate time to their chosen subject areas. Therefore, DSC believes the Canadian system to be beneficial to all international students, even if they are not from a Canadian background or looking for a future in Canada.

DSC students achieve outstanding marks in science, mathematics, business, and the arts, and the variety of elective subjects available provide students with an abundance of choices to pursue the topics of their interests. The school believes this is a direct result of following the Canadian curriculum and its multifaceted approach to individualized education. The electives offered range from business subjects like Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Marketing, International Business to science and mathematics specialities such as Earth and Space, and Data Management. In the Arts, DSC offers many exciting opportunities for artists to shine in performances and exhibitions; many elective programs are available such as Drama, Fine Art, Dance, and Digital Media. These electives allow students to experience an educational environment more in line with post-secondary education, preparing them for university studies.

“As we enter our fourth decade, we continue to implement even more exciting changes to our school in the interests of our students and our wider community. We hope you allow your children and families to join us on our journey to fostering our future global leaders together.”


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