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Epsom College in Malaysia: A World-Class Education Just a Flight Away

Updated: Apr 19

When searching for the ideal school, sometimes the best options lie beyond our immediate surroundings. For Hong Kong families, Epsom College in Malaysia represents such an opportunity. Situated just a four-hour flight away, it combines the prestigious British educational system with a unique international perspective, enriched by renowned sports academies through partnerships with Patrick Mouratoglou and LALIGA on its campus. This presents an exceptional alternative to sending students all the way to the UK, as they can access the same, if not better, education right here.

Beyond Borders, Within Reach: Epsom College in Malaysia extends the legacy of its esteemed UK namesake into the heart of Asia. It offers a holistic educational environment where the British curriculum meets diverse cultural experiences on a sprawling 80-acre campus, making it a thriving ground for young minds.

Boarding School Excellence: For families seeking an immersive learning environment and holistic development that a boarding school provides, Epsom College in Malaysia is an exceptional choice. Its boarding programme fosters independence, global citizenship, and resilience, providing a nurturing community that feels like a second home.

A Sports Enthusiast’s Haven: What sets Epsom College in Malaysia apart are its collaborations with leaders in tennis, golf, and football, which not only enrich the students' sporting experiences but also open up new pathways, including scholarship opportunities. Partnering with the likes Patrick Mouratoglou, the founder of the Mouratoglou Academy and former coach of Serene Williams, the top spanish football league, LALIGA and top PGA-professionals for golf, the school ensures students have access to unparalleled high performance sports training and development, balancing academic rigor with athletic excellence.

Soon to be introduced, the Epsom Music Academy: will be led by Russell Crann, the Director of Performing Arts with 10 years of service as Course Director for the English Schools' Orchestra, a renowned national orchestra, providing a comprehensive education for musically talented individuals, combining academics and music. The Malaysia International Youth Orchestra (MIYO) will have its home at Epsom Malaysia where academy students of a high calibre will be invited to join MIYO. In October every year, selected students of MIYO will be invited to join a week long course with the English Schools Orchestra, representing the best orchestral musicians across all UK schools.

The Whole Child Approach: Adhering to the 'Whole Child Approach,' Epsom College in Malaysia prioritises not just academic prowess but also emotional, social, and physical development. Living on campus fosters a sense of community and independence, enabling students to develop crucial life skills like time management and responsibility. Easy access to teachers, resources, and a diverse student body provides a well-rounded education that prepares students for future success. Structured routines, extra development activities, and strong relationships formed in a boarding school contribute to a transformative educational journey, with 24/7 support ensuring students' well-being and safety.

"At Epsom, we believe in providing an education that goes beyond textbooks. It’s about nurturing a love for learning, encouraging students to explore, question, and challenge. We're committed to developing not just academically successful students, but well-rounded individuals who are prepared for the global stage." 

- Headmaster Matthew Brown -

“I think when you’re in an environment where people believe in you as much as my teachers have, it’s very hard not to thrive. To be in an environment like that is really helpful in terms of achieving goals.”

- Cazra G., Epsom Class of 2022,

Currently enrolled in the University of Cambridge.

Explore Epsom College in Malaysia: To gain deeper insights into what makes Epsom College in Malaysia an extraordinary place for learning and growth, listen to our podcast and watch our Facebook Live session. We also invite you to join us at The Epsom Experience event in Hong Kong. Register below and embark on a journey that could redefine your child's educational future.


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