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Good Schools Guides – Kindergartens & International Schools 2022/2023

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

We have produced two Good Schools Guides, in partnership with and published by South China Morning Post:

Good Schools Guide – Kindergartens 2022/23  (in English; A4)

The only directory you’ll need to navigate through the kaleidoscope of schooling options for kindergartens and playgroups, the Good Schools Guide – Kindergartens gives you an in-depth look into the application timeline, curriculum options, parenting trends and tips in choosing the “right” school. The carefully curated school profile section covers basic information, school fees and admissions details of every preschool in Hong Kong, according to information by the EDB and first-hand research.

The Good Schools Guide – International Schools 2022/23  (in English; A5) is the perfect all-inclusive guide to help parents make the right choices.


  1. Paying for an international school: what you need to know

  2. Useful tips on switching from a local to international school

  3. The pathway to bilingual education

  4. Introduction of new schools set to open this year as well as existing schools’ expansion plans

Admission tips:

  1. Exclusive admission tips to secure a private school spot

  2. Essential tips on choosing the best curriculum for your child

  3. The do’s and don’ts when choosing a school

  4. Scholarship options and their benefits

  5. In-depth analysis of the education system and various education curriculum


  1. Comprehensive directory and school fact sheets of all international schools in Hong Kong

With this guide, you will be able to identify the most suitable school for your child, and be offered advice from first thoughts to final decisions.

Both guides are HK$99 each and can be collected from our office in Central. 

Good Schools Guide – Kindergartens: Pick up at office $99.00

Good Schools Guide – International School: Pick up at office $99.00


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