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IB Diploma Grades 2023: A Triumph!

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

In a show of extreme resilience, 2,273 Hong Kong students - having endured extended disruptions to their schooling over the past few years - sat their IBDP exams in May 2023 and achieved scores up to 45.

While IBO says that "The 2023 cohort experienced limited disruption to studies due to Covid", they are speaking generally and not accounting for the extreme and extended disruptions Hong Kong students suffered.

An IB Diploma score is so much more than a number. In securing this prestigious academic qualification, our students have also developed excellent independent academic skills that will provide the platform for lifelong learning alongside an internationally-minded perspective empowering them to navigate an increasingly complex world.
Simon Misso-Veness, Deputy Principal/Head of English International Stream, German Swiss International School

Simon Misso-Veness, Deputy Principal/Head of English International Stream, German Swiss International School

At Top Schools, we believe that every student is more than their scores. However, we're in the business of choosing schools and like it or not, it is a key metric for decision-making.

Inflation Termination

2023 results are now more in line with the average figures seen pre pandemic in 2019.

IBO tells us that, "In line with other national and international awarding organizations, the profile of grade distribution returned close to pre-pandemic standards. This return to established distributions of awarded grades is aligned with university expectations and has been a phased process: results for the May 2022 and November 2022 examination sessions were closer to the results of 2019 than those of 2021."

So, because school was so disrupted over the last few years, IBO and other exam bodies had 'temporary mechanisms' to assess these children with more leniency. The IBO is now telling us that they have raised grade boundaries making it more challenging to achieve a high score. In fairness, this was flagged last year -

Perfect Scores in an Imperfect World

It's inevitable that the 'top scorers' metric is tracked and publicised, in the same way that a UK school does with the percentage of A/A* at A Level. However, achieving a perfect IBDP score is not within reach for many students.

Twenty-three exceptional students attained a perfect score this year (down from 93 in 2022) and 2,252 other exceptional students achieved scores between 24 and 44 in spite of extreme disruptions, more so than students in other countries.

A perfect score is 45, with 24 being the passing score. So a score in the high 30s or 40s is very well deserved.

Let's not forget that schools were first closed in November 2019 due to the protests and then "closed" (or moved to online learning) on an off until earlier this year. So, all students have shown great stamina to finish their courses.

Congratulations to all students who sat exams this year; we wish you the very best for the future and we are proud of ALL of you!


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