Scholarships: A helping hand?

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

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As the tuition fees at prestigious international schools continue to rise in Hong Kong, it makes sense that families look for ways to subsidise the significant costs. Schools value the breadth and expertise of their own student cohorts as education experts agree that enrolling high-performing individuals from a range of backgrounds can have a powerful impact on a school’s overall success.

Prospective parents should be aware that scholarships are often a vehicle for schools to create their ideal mix of students. It can sometimes be better to target a school seeking to bolster numbers in a particular year group or discipline rather than relentlessly pursuing the typical, high prestige pathways.

Up and coming international schools have launched merit based scholarship and means based bursaries. Malvern College Hong Kong offers academics, arts, sports and music scholarships. Dr. Robin Lister, Founding Headmaster of Malvern College Hong Kong explained, “they are open for anyone to apply for and the intention is to attract some superb academics, sporting talent, artists and music scholars. This will help ensure that the school is able to excel in these areas – and provide role models for the rest of the pupils too!”

“Our scholarships are both means based and merit based. We are obligated to provide scholarships as part of our licensing agreement with the EDB. We are anxious to receive applications for the scholarships available and are looking to meet and interview prospective candidates,” says Mr John Jalsevac, Director of American School Hong Kong.

Rewarding excellence

Competing for a selective scholarship can be stressful with the odds stacked against the applicant and so many talented students jostling for that golden ticket. However there are usually a range of disciplines to choose from – including ‘all-rounder’ scholarships – so it’s important to tailor your application appropriately.

“Celebrating excellence lies at the heart of a Malvern education,” says Dr. Lister. “Whether this means celebrating academic achievement or success on the sports field, on the stage or in the art studio, it is our emphasis on educating the whole person that defines Malvern. That is why we have created academic, music, sport and art and design scholarships.”