Why choose to work with an Education Consultant?

Updated: May 7, 2021

On the surface of it, it may seem relatively easy to call schools, pick the ones you like and apply. Why does anyone need an Education Consultant? If you are not sure how we can make a difference to your process, consider this: 

We can save you hours and hours of time

We can simplify the whole process for you and cut out all the unnecessary time-wasting activities. 

  • Have you ever visited a school only to be told they have no spaces?

  • Have you applied to a school and paid the application fee, never to hear from them again?

That doesn't usually happen when you work with us - every application should generate an assessment. 

We can save you tens of thousands of dollars

Yes, we charge fees ... but compared to what you could be paying in application and assessment fees, plus deposits that you later forfeit, we can save you a LOT of money. We just bill 50% of our plan fee to engage and the remaining 50% when your child receives an offer. No offer, no need to pay.

If you don't mind spending many, many hours and lots of wasted application fees, you may not consider that you need an Education Consultant.

However, the most compelling reason to use an expert is to generate a result you could not have achieved alone.