Applications: Where, When and How?

Where do we apply?

Contrary to popular folklore, you do not need to apply ‘everywhere’, nor do you need to apply to ten schools. For international schools, we recommend a maximum of three applications.

Choosing which three is an inexact science.

It’s all about ‘Finding the Fit’. To do that, we focus on 6Ps: 

1. Priorities and Preferences

Identify your priorities and preferences as parents and match these with the realistic and available school options for your family. If your child is older, their own priorities and preferences are also important. Do lots of research – talk to schools, parents and teachers – and, at the end of the day, trust your intuition.

2. Personality & Proficiency

Consider your/your child’s personality and specific proficiencies. For example, consider if your child will do better with a bit more or less structure in a larger or smaller class or school. Are facilities important? Is your child proficient in one or more languages? Is he/she playing a sport at a high level? Once you have done the matching, you should shortlist 3-4 schools to apply to.

3, Policies and Procedures

Understanding each of your shortlisted school’s specific policies and procedures is imperative. Application procedures vary wildly and it’s important to follow each step, providing exactly what is asked for but no more than what is asked for.

When do we apply?

For entry into primary school, the latest time to apply is the first term of K2.