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Documents needed for school applications

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

To avoid any delays in processing, it’s important to submit complete applications to schools. Each school has slightly different requirements. We will guide you as to what to submit to each school and suggest you gather the following documents in preparation.

For each applicant, please prepare:

  1. School reports for previous two years in English, or certified translation

  2. All/any reports from educational psychologist/speech therapist/occupational therapist

  3. Headshots/Passport photos of applicant X 12 + digital version

  4. Family photo showing parents and all children

  5. Applicant’s passport page showing personal information and visa (if required; if approved)

  6. Parents’ passport pages showing personal information and visa (if required; if approved)

  7. Parents’ HKID card, if issued

  8. Birth certificate or Adoption Certificate

  9. Vaccination record

  10. Generic teacher recommendation letter(s) (‘To whom it may concern’). Teacher’s opinion on applicant’s:

  11. learning style, attitude, progress

  12. personality/character

  13. Plus, mention of any special “ achievements” such as participation in school events, external programs, etc

  14. Name, address and email address of a teacher the school may approach directly for a confidential report. It may be the same teacher as the author of the generic recommendation.

  15. Digital signatures of parents

  16. Proof of address (if in Hong Kong already)


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